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How the debate works:

I have made a proposal for a UN resolution that shall be debated on. In order to participate write in the comments your argument explaining whether or not it could work. Make sure to list out all flaws.

Purpose: To encourage MEDCs (more economically developed countries) to take a percentage of refugees every year 

What the resolution shall entail:

  • the percentage of refugees meant to be taken in varies on the member states’ GDP
  • the states must provide refugees with suitable resources in order to live
  • UNHCR frequent checks to make sure no human rights violations are committed in said country
  • an established vetting system that can be altered to a certain extent, used by all member nations who adopt the resolution
  • the distribution of refugees from LEDCs(low economically developed countries) to MEDCs


*Remember I am simply providing my opinion and encourage you to do so as well in the comments. I am open to feedback as well and hope you provide it by commenting below. Thanks for reading!