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What is the African Union?

It is essentially a union which has all 55 countries in the continent of Africa as members. The union was founded in Addis Ababa, with a purpose to replace the former Organisation of African Unity, or (OAU). Member states in the United Nations in Africa are also a part of this union.

Purposes & Aims

  • reach a ‘peaceful, prosperous and integrated Africa’ (AU Website)
  • promote human rights
  • encourage sustainable development
  • further protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all member states

These are just a few of the aims of the AU more are listed on the website or the AU Wikipedia page.

OPINION: AU’s impacts and its future

The establishment of the African Union marks the continuous collaboration between all African member states in order to fulfill their goals. It shows that African member states are willing to and intend to cooperate with each other for a better future for the entire continent of Africa. The continuation of the organization may possibly mean member states are closer to meeting their goals and aims(listed above) and may have better relations with each other as they unite through this continental union.



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