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What is the International Criminal Court?

In short, the ICC is an international organization with an intention to prosecute those that commit major crimes such as war crimes or crimes against humanity. It is an international tribunal which assembles in the Hague.


  • prosecute those who’ve committed major crimes
  • act as a “last resort, intervening only when national authorities cannot or will not prosecute”  BBC News
  • ensure that individuals are not exempt from prosecution or  impunity once a significant crime has been committed



I believe that the ICC is one of the most significant organizations in the world. Clearly, the entire purpose of this organization is to bring justice to those who have done wrong. The intergovernmental organization is one that ensures people get prosecuted when national authorities disregard people’s wrongdoings. Without this organization, I believe the world would be in a worse state as fewer people would be held accountable for their actions and as a result, more major crimes would be committed.



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What is the European Union?

It is essentially a union which has 28 states as members mainly located in Europe. The EU has an established an ‘internal market’ with sets of laws and policies that must be complied with by member states. The EU has been largely recognized mostly because of its trade. The EUROPA website states that the “EU is the world’s biggest trader, accounting for 16.5% of the world’s imports and exports” with “[f]ree trade” being “one of the EU’s founding principles”. The EU had replaced the former EEC or European Economic Community. The first few members were known as the Inner Six which were: Belgium, West Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.


Purposes & Aims

  • advocate for human rights
  • allow people to move more freely between countries
  • allow goods to move more freely between countries
  • have established policies concerning trade
  • ‘liberalizing world trade’ (EUROPA)


OPINION: EU’s impacts and its future

As you can see, based on the statistic shown above, the EU has dramatically changed the world because of its trade. The continuation of the EU may mean more advocacy for human rights and free trade. Especially if more member states possibly join the European Union, the EU will definitely become closer to ‘liberalizing world trade’. Additionally, the EU may grow as the ‘world’s biggest trader’ and will continue to import and export goods.


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Remember I am simply providing my opinion and encourage you to do so as well in the comments. I am open to feedback as well and hope you provide it by commenting below. Thanks for reading!


What is the African Union?

It is essentially a union which has all 55 countries in the continent of Africa as members. The union was founded in Addis Ababa, with a purpose to replace the former Organisation of African Unity, or (OAU). Member states in the United Nations in Africa are also a part of this union.

Purposes & Aims

  • reach a ‘peaceful, prosperous and integrated Africa’ (AU Website)
  • promote human rights
  • encourage sustainable development
  • further protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all member states

These are just a few of the aims of the AU more are listed on the website or the AU Wikipedia page.

OPINION: AU’s impacts and its future

The establishment of the African Union marks the continuous collaboration between all African member states in order to fulfill their goals. It shows that African member states are willing to and intend to cooperate with each other for a better future for the entire continent of Africa. The continuation of the organization may possibly mean member states are closer to meeting their goals and aims(listed above) and may have better relations with each other as they unite through this continental union.



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Remember I am simply providing my opinion and encourage you to do so as well in the comments. I am open to feedback as well and hope you provide it by commenting below. Thanks for reading!


What is Model UN?

In my own words, MUN is a simulation of the actual United Nations today. It is geared towards helping high school and university students gain a better understanding of what happens in the UN and how it works. Students attend conferences established around the world, one being the THIMUN(The Hague International MUN). Students are given a delegation or country which they represent in conferences and provide solutions and input on issues today.

What are its benefits?

Students can gain many skills through this extracurricular activity such as:

  • leadership skills
  • public speaking skills
  • collaboration skills
  • communication skills
  • debating skills

The list goes on and on but these are the essential ones that I have gained through past experience. It is widely known that colleges also appreciate that students take MUN, but keep in mind that a student shall not partake in an activity just to impress a university, but because it is a passion of theirs.


Model United Nations in my view, can change the world. This activity enables students to think about international relations and politics and inspire them to take action and make a change. A potential MUN-er can possibly become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations. Students can get inspired because of this activity and make a significant impact in today’s society. It is imperative that today’s youth become involved in current events and international relations so they can create a better world for future generations, and MUN is just the beginning. 

Advisory Opinions & the International Court of Justice

What is the International Court of Justice?

The International Court of Justice or ICJ for short is a branch of the United Nations and contains exactly 15 judges elected by the General Assembly.

The 2 functions:

  • deals with disputes between states
  • gives advisory opinions
The ICJ in the Hague

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Advisory Opinions

  • are opinions regarding international law
  • are essentially answers to questions asked by the UN General Assembly, international agencies, or branches
  • Advisory opinions are made by the majority of the judges in the court

The Importance of Advisory Opinions:

Advisory Opinions to me, play a significant role in international law as these opinions are answers that allow us to better understand the subject. Using both logic and reason, the judges are able to come up with the answers to pressing questions that arise, thus, avoiding confusion and issues regarding or relating to international law


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