What is the UNHCR?

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees or UNHCR is a program established to aid refugees in a variety of ways. The agency was established during the year 1950 and continues to support and protect them.



  • find solutions to problems related to refugees
  • enforces people’s right to seek both refuge and asylum in other states
  • give humanitarian assistance
  • obtains a database with information on refugees



 The UN Refugee Agency is mostly known for providing humanitarian aid for refugees which is beneficial to a certain extent. However, many issues remain which may possibly be the reason why the refugee issue still exists. Some of them being the great disparity between the countries that accept refugees and those that do not (it is said that ’10 countries host half of the world’s refugees), mostly low economically developed countries do and it’s very difficult to maintain, and finally the conflicts that arise that cause refugees to flee remain unresolved. The UNHCR nonetheless is still making a considerable effort to provide aid for refugees, and it is time we find ways to help as well.

UNHCR website: Get involved



*Keep in mind I am only providing my opinion and I would appreciate you provide yours as well by writing it in the comments along with any feedback or concerns.


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