What is it?
This court is essentially the most important or most significant court in the European Union. It is highlighted that the European Court of Justice deals with EU or union law rather than national or domestic law. This court was established during the year 1952 and is currently located in Luxembourg.


Purposes & Roles:

  • analyzes European Union law
  • ensures that EU states abide by the union’s laws
  • make sure that the EU continues to take action
  • nullify certain acts


OPINION: is it necessary, effective, beneficial?

The European Court of Justice is both effective and beneficial for all member states and citizens in the EU. This court is imperative as it resolves disputes between not only member states but citizens and EU institutions. For instance, if citizens believe that EU law has been infringed they have the ability to have the Court take action. Clearly, the court is seen as the foundation for EU law and has a huge effect on how the EU works. I definitely believe that without this court, the EU would definitely not be as effective or efficient today.


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Remember I am simply providing my opinion and encourage you to do so as well in the comments. I am open to feedback as well and hope you provide it by commenting below. Thanks for reading!



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