What is the International Criminal Court?

In short, the ICC is an international organization with an intention to prosecute those that commit major crimes such as war crimes or crimes against humanity. It is an international tribunal which assembles in the Hague.


  • prosecute those who’ve committed major crimes
  • act as a “last resort, intervening only when national authorities cannot or will not prosecute”  BBC News
  • ensure that individuals are not exempt from prosecution or  impunity once a significant crime has been committed



I believe that the ICC is one of the most significant organizations in the world. Clearly, the entire purpose of this organization is to bring justice to those who have done wrong. The intergovernmental organization is one that ensures people get prosecuted when national authorities disregard people’s wrongdoings. Without this organization, I believe the world would be in a worse state as fewer people would be held accountable for their actions and as a result, more major crimes would be committed.



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Remember I am simply providing my opinion and encourage you to do so as well in the comments. I am open to feedback as well and hope you provide it by commenting below. Thanks for reading!




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