What is the UN?

The UN short for the United Nations is an intergovernmental organization established during the year 1945 and is the predecessor of the former League of Nations. With a current 193 member states, the UN’s primary purpose is to “promote international co-operation and to create and maintain international order.” (Wikipedia)

The UN’s official website where it posts a detailed overview of its creation:

New York UN Headquarters
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How does the UN help those in need?

 The UN:

  •   establishes peacekeeping operations
  •   attempts to alleviate rural poverty
  •   alleviates hunger
  •   promotes human rights
  •   aids refugees
  •   aids those affected by natural disasters
  •   provides food for the needy

OPINION: The UN’s Impact 

I personally believe that the UN in terms of humanitarian assistance is one of the most exceptional organizations out there. The UN has a tendency to resolve some conflicts and when it is necessary carries out peacekeeping operations. As listed above the UN clearly has many efforts for the betterment of humanity. However, numerous complex issues still remain today since the UN’s creation. Sovereignty plays a big role on this as member states being independent and self-ruling, still have the ability to do what they believe is just, regardless of the UN’s discrepancy. This is what hinders further action on some issues. Veto power also has an effect on resolutions being passed as there is the possibility that a resolution could drastically help numerous people and if it is not implemented, the issue remains unsolved. You can read more on veto power on my other post here:

Keep in mind that I am just providing my own opinion and would be happy to have feedback and opinions from you as well.  

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