Is the President of the United States. His statements and policy changes have earned him support in the election race. Though he has made some controversial statements, he still ended up beating his main competitor, Hillary Clinton.

President Donald Trump

What impact does this have on the rest of the world?
 – It could possibly mean better relations with Russia

Putin and Trump have seemed to be on good terms with each other and this could definitely benefit the relations between the two States. Putin has stated that he wishes that the two countries will”work together” to put their “crisis state” to an end.

 – May benefit the U.K after Brexit

The E.U may seem more “detached” or “separated” from the US because of the results of the election. As a result, they may try and have tighter relations with the U.K because of this. Stephen Booth, a member of a political analysis group says, “It could be helpful for the U.K. in the sense that EU member states may be more concerned about U.S. disengagement from Europe on security and foreign policy matters and therefore turn to the U.K. for a closer partnership on these issues.”

– Different Relations with China

This may sound a little more extreme and less likely, but because of the remarks Trump has made concerning China and some of his foreign policies directing to the country could have an effect on the U.S and China’s foreign relations. An example of this is when Trump has sent tweets accusing China of stealing a U.S drone. When it has been discovered that China would return the drone and does not appreciate the issue being hyped, Trump reacted by stating that We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back.- let them keep it!”. These statements resulted in the state-run newspaper known as The Global Times saying that if Donald Trump “treats China after assuming office in the same way as in his tweets, China will not exercise restraint.” 


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